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EUROMAX Personal care products

Euromax Personal care is the progressive division of Eurostar Group, Dubai, UAE. The division has launched initially Euromax blades for Salon in early 2017 across the GCC region, the expansion to the global markets has seen a good acceptance and now the products is sold in Asia, Africa, Europe and Middle east. The Professional Salon Razor is one its kind manufactured from India, which is the best salon razor produced with Japanese steel and with very strict standards of hygiene and quality control has put this product into the global markets. Euromax currently markets Double edge, Single Edge, Pillar packs and professional Salon Razor. The next phase is to reach out to the consumer segment by having the disposable razors with single, twin, triple and four blades. The feminine shaving solutions are also in the development stage. The portfolio is also seeing an extension into Shaving foams/gels.

  • Double Edged Blades
  • Disposable Razors
  • Reach and Distribution, across modern retail and traditional Markets