FMCG ( EUROMAX Personal care products )

EUROMAX produces world class quality blades from a specialized company based in India. The blades are made from Japanese Steel & is carefully crafted with the best technology & International standards. EUROMAX is available across GCC & African markets.

Since its beginnings, Eurostar group has been involved in food and non food items. Strengthening its base, over the years, Eurostar group has established a strong presence across the GCC specifically across UAE, KSA and Africa. Having tie ups with global brands, Eurostar FMCG today represents brands like Ovaltine, Haldirams, Amul and Parle for specific regions. The FMCG division has established a network of Warehousing and fleet sales for penetrating and distributing its range of over 40 brands, to have the widest reach. The FMCG division ensures product activation with sampling and marketing campaigns to initiate sales and retailer throughput.

Vertice Global is a specialised company based in India and is the exclusive manufacturer for EUROMAX blades & Professional Razor blades, made from Japanese Steel & is carefully crafted with the best technology & international standards. Vertice EUROMAX is been distributed by EUROSTAR Group across GCC & African markets.

Some of the brands we deal with:

  • Amul – Ghee ksa_logo
  • Haldiram ksa_logo
  • Parle ksa_logo
  • Bajaj – Almond oil ksa_logo
  • Jo Soap ksa_logo
  • Rasna ksa_logo
  • Bambino ksa_logo
  • Vasmol ksa_logo
  • Renuka – Coconut milk powder ksa_logo
  • Weikfieldksa_logo
  • Mother’s recipe ksa_logo
  • Royal Fresh garden ksa_logo
  • Sara-Hand wash ksa_logo
  • Push Coconut waterUAE-logo


  • Distribution of Worlds largest power brands in FMCG
  • Reach and Distribution, across modern retail and traditional Markets
  • Extensive infrastructure including Logistic, Warehousing, Fleet Sales and Merchandising