About Eurostar & Interactvty OTT Solutions


Eurostar OTT Solutions offers the newest technology by partnering with world renowned OTT Technology provider INTERACTVTY

INTERACTVTY is designed and developed based on a concept that is changing the digital and content industries: our OTT technology is born from the digital sector, not the audiovisual sector.
With our technology, you will not only be able to develop your business or activity by showing or selling content, you will also be able to generate businesses and actions around your content destined to your users that you would have never imagined before.

INTERACTVTY is the only technology on the market that allows you to create your own OTT platform with e-commerce, first and second screen interactives, and to be present on all Smart TV operating systems, mobile devices and Web.
INTERACTVTY allows you to create your own INTERACTVTY OTT platform and carry out all the actions and businesses you can imagine: e-commerce, advertising, big data, traffic, e-learning, information, etc.

Thanks to the omnichannel nature of our INTERACTVTY OTT, your users will have a unified experience on any device.  You will reach out to your users with all your audiovisual content, actions and business models, through all devices and under the same user experience.
All our technology is managed by a single tool: our CMS. With a single administration instrument, you will have control of your content, your audience and your interactivity in all your Smart TV applications, mobile devices and Web. We call it AYC, “All at Your Command”.

INTERACTVTY allows you to grow according to your needs through autonomous modules and through APIs to integrate with any digital tool on the market.
INTERACTVTY is the first technology on the market that allows you to integrate your OTT platform with your e-commerce or integrate it with a third party e-commerce. Only our technology allows users to buy your products directly from your videos without leaving the OTT platform and from any device.
We are the company that has invented and developed the way to buy any product on Smart TV with a single click from your remote control.
INTERATVTY boasts the best of OTT Solutions and surpasses all barriers in the Smart TV viewing experience across all screens. We have a solution for each client … What is yours?

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