Automotive Division

Eurostar Group has stepped into the automobile industry to strengthen and extend the brand value of Eurostar in the region of Africa. Eurostar group has now become an official franchise distributor of TVS automobiles dealing in two wheelers. It is an exciting opportunity because TVS ranks among the top 10 in the world in this segment. The purpose of this logical extension is to achieve high customer acquisitions and increase the footprint for both Eurostar and TVS.

With this initiative, Eurostar Group has been able to gain foothold in the automobiles two wheelers segment. TVS automobiles can be foreseen as the future of automobiles because of advantages like and Eurostar will replicate the best practices followed by TVS

  • Network across operating markets with world class infrastructure
  • 100% availability of trained manpower
  • Genuine parts available
  • Wide assortment of products in the niche segment are available
  • Costs are lower
  • Catering to the varying needs of different audience segments

It is prestigious to be associated with TVS who is one of the leading players of the automobile industry. TVS has been recognized for its excellent work and quality of products. They have won many awards and some of these are listed below:

  • The Deming Prize
  • Technology Award 2002
  • Asian Network for quality award 2004
  • TPM excellence award 2008
  • Progressive manufacturer 100 award
  • Export Performance award


  • Star HLX 125

The perfect balance of power,mileage &comfort-HLX 125 is your dependable business partner. Its masculine style with eco-thrust engine provides the latest technology advantage combined with smooth performance.

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