Super Oxidized Disinfectant Solution

One For All. Perfect form of Disinfection. (Kills 99.99% of Germs)

ECA (Electro Chemically Activated) Solution/Disinfectant to safe and improve the microbial quality of water, food, environment and surface area. This environmentally friendly disinfectant is produced by the electrolysis of natural ingredients (water and salt (NaCl) only.


NADES Disinfectant Liquid is recommend for the Tunnels
1:3 is the ratio of dilution, So basically every 25 Litres of DL add 75 Litresof water.
DM approved.
German Technology
MADE IN UAE Since 2017

Water Treatment
♦ Drinking water treatment
♦ Process water treatment
♦ Swimming pool water treatment
♦ Cooling tower water treatment
♦ Waste/Sewerage water treatment
♦ Lake water treatment
♦ Irrigation water treatment

Surface Disinfection
♦ Floor/Wall/Tables
♦ CIP/Machines
♦ Filler head microbial decontamination
♦ Bottle rinsing
♦ Reused bottles rinsing
♦ Water pipeline and water system flushing
♦ Tank disinfection
♦ Utensils/Equipment

Product Microbial Decontamination
♦ Fruit/Vegetable sanitation
♦ Fish microbial decontamination
♦ Carcass washing
♦ Meat/Sea Food microbial decontamination

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