Magnetic Water Solutions

Magnolith is a 100% environmental friendly, cost and energy effective way to treat water at the state of the art. It works by using a clever system of permanent magnets in a cascade style order. The main effect is gained when water runs through the scope of MAGNOLITH. The force of the magnets is rhythematically turned on and off. When the rhythm lies within the area of natural frequency of water clusters, resonance occurs that is, water clusters are opened.

Key Features

    • Magnolith is an extremely effective device for the magnetic conditioning of water. It improves the physical, chemical and biological nature of water.
    • Magnolith energizes water. This revitalization is a very important factor in health care for all animate beings.
    • Prevents and reduces furring and corrosion.
    • Prevents and reduces any kind of scale build-up and slurry.
    • Eliminates, reduces downtime, maintenance and cleaning costs.
    • No external sources of energy.
    • No chemicals
    • No energy costs
    • Simple installation

Application of Magnetic Water Solutions

  • Agricultural farms
  • Polutry Farming
  • Dairy Farming
  • Hotels
  • Swimming Pools
  • Benefits throughout your home



  • The Power of Magnetic Water. Magnetic conditioning of water
  • No Chemicals and simple installation
  • No external sources of energy are required